About me…

I am the daughter of the King of kings!!! I am my Beloved’s and He is mine. I am a warrior priest princess with a heart overflowing with passion and love. I am a light shining brightly to the world around me.

Married to the love of my life and enjoying the life we have created together, he loves like no other and makes room for me to serve and walk by his side! I live in a home with six of the most incredible people I have the privilege to call mine and am thrilled every time they call me Mommy!! Everyday my occupation takes me into the Throne Room of God and into the presence of His chosen.

Recently, God asked me to return to the workplace, providing me with the opportunity to step into ministry and serve the pre and newly married couples at our church. It has been a season of adjustments, blessings, tears and so much fulfillment.  I am so glad I heard His voice and chose to obey, every opportunity to love others fills my hearts with great joy!

I love time with my family, taking pictures of my family and recording their life story in pictures and words!! I love to read, listen to worship music, go to ball games, theater productions and movies. I love a night out on the town, dancing with my husband and sitting by the fire with a good book. Chasing after God and finally knowing that He let me catch Him for just a little while.

Kim Walker, Hillsong, Brian and Jenn Johnson, Alberto and Kimberly Rivera, Misty Edwards, Third Day, Michael W Smith, Kari Jobe and most of all Gateway Worship!!

Pride & Prejudice, Emma, P.S. I Love You, Lord of the Rings Trilogy (close my eyes during the ogre scenes), any Princess movie (I am a princess at heart) Love Cinderella – no matter what version or how the story is told. Beauty and the Beast – a tale as old as time, but I was the beast and Jesus was my beauty!!

LOVE BOOKS!!! Jane Austen is my favorite!! Love Kris Vallotton & Bill Johnson books. I am more into authors, when I find one I like I usually read everything they have in print!!  I am currently digging deeper and deeper into His word and the richness of truth, love and grace are adding to the fullness of my love for my Savior, Jesus Christ!



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