The dawn of a new day... It is hard to believe I began my blogging journey during the fall of 2008, at that time I was a mom to five, the oldest 15 and youngest a little more than three.

Beginning a blog was a way for me to find a place of connection with an ever changing world and to find my voice in the midst of the many voices crying out to be heard.

I didn’t care if any one read it, I didn’t care if it became the next best read, it was just a place for me to practice my words and to share the transitions and changes in my heart.

It became the place where life was unscripted and I learned to embrace the process of reflection and practiced getting my brave on by sharing stories, lessons and life.

Once again it is time for transition, time to say farewell to the old and move onto the new.  After all this time I am finally building a new website!

Please join me in this new year at

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016!!