• 12 Things I learned in 2015

    You know they say you are never to old to learn, well as I have reflected over 2015 these are a few things I might have known before but they became very real this past year!

    • Sometimes life gets broken and there is no easy fix, but peace and patience can bring resolve, wholeness and grace in the midst of brokenness.
    • I would rather be me than someone/anyone else.
    • Sometimes the spark of a dream in our heart will lay dormant until the breath of the Holy Spirit blows life onto them.
    • Parenting a young adult is hard work…but more than just necessary, it is vital! As a side note, it is also one of the richest times because you get to see the fruit of all the years of hard work you put in!
    • Marriage takes on seasons just like the years and each season brings opportunities to learn once again how to love, live and grow together in spite of the weather…the need for a healthy root system is must!!
    • Sometimes life must get messy before it starts to look pretty. (Kinda like cleaning out my closet!)
    • The Word of God does the work!!!! Planting the seeds of the word in your heart and the heart of your children will produce a harvest!!
    • Boundaries are not only necessary, they are key to living a healthy and free life… they help keep the heart whole, the soul prospering, the mind focused and the body safe!
    • When God sends the rain expect the floods, better to be over prepared than not prepared!
    • Waiting on God with expectation and trust during times of disappointment became opportunities for Him to show up with exceedingly, abundantly more than I could ask, think or expect!
    • Moving out of my comfort zone gave others permission to dream, fly and expect great things from God!
    • This life is the seed planted into the soil of eternity. How we choose to live or die in it affects our forever…

    Bonus thought and one that will carry me into 2016 – God’s love for us is beyond our understanding but He longs to help us begin to grasp the length, width, height and depth of His great love!!!

    So, what are some of the lessons you learned throughout 2015 and what are you looking forward to in 2016?