No safer place to be than in daddy's arms!

No safer place to be than in daddy’s arms!

Her chubby, little toddler legs run around the house searching, she looks in all his usual places, she glances into the living area, not there, back to our bedroom, not there, I hear her open the bathroom door, still no sign of him. I hear the swish of her diaper as she toddles by and see her come back around the corner into the entry, she peeks through the glass door frame into the office and she spots him, seated at his desk, the closed doors preventing her access to him. She is smart, she knows there are two ways into his office and takes off around the corner to go through the half-bath but the door is shut, I hear a whimper and get up to help her get to her final destination. As soon as the door is open she toddles right around his desk, boldly walks right up to his chair and then with all the effort of a 14month old, makes every effort to climb up into his lap. Big strong arms lift her, seats her comfortably on his leg and she makes her self at home, reclines against him and sighs. As quickly as she is settled, she is ready to hop down and go back to playing. No conversations, no antics or tugging on his glasses or earpiece, just a quick snuggle in daddy’s arms and a sense of being seated in just the right place before moving onto the rest of her day.

I watched and was amazed, she walked boldly to her daddy, not a hesitant bone in her body, no wondering if she would be accepted when she arrived, no need for conversation or even the need for his full attention; she had no agenda, she only wanted a moment in his presence. Once she knew she had access to him, with a contented smile, she was ready to go about her day, ready to take off and play!

“Come boldly to the throne of grace…” (Heb 4:16) These words suddenly took on new meaning, with full assurance of acceptance, knowing my strength will never be enough to seat me in His lap, His loving arms reach out and lift me from my humble position and wraps arms of strength, grace and comfort around me as He holds me close to His heart. Just one moment of His presence can calm my unsure heart and draw me into the depths of His love.

This picture was worth a thousand words in my mind. Ana Grace has captured her daddy’s heart, he never hesitates to take her up into his arms and comfort, hold or just love on her. He stops all he is doing and offers her a simple embrace and then gives her the freedom to continue on with her day. If I ask for bread, will my Heavenly Father give me a stone? You being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, HOW MUCH MORE will our Heavenly Father give good gifts to you?

Since this moment I have been reminded to stop periodically throughout my day, step away from whatever I am doing and allow my heart to go on a hunt. I begin by taking a deep breath and quieting my mind, I begin to feel His presence and I look for His peace, and then, I just sit. I enjoy the embrace, I relish the feeling of His nearness and His strength. Sometimes I have to get back to what I was doing, other times those things just don’t seem so pressing and I feel released to just sit awhile. Either way, I know I have my Daddy’s heart and He has mine and those moments will forever be etched into the fabric of my life!

Tomorrow, Ana will wake up, she will call out for ‘dada’ and at some point she will again put those two pudgy legs to work trekking all over the house looking for the hero of her heart, rest in his presence and know that she is his little princess and has full access to him, no matter what obstacles might seem to be in the way!