Found in His presence.

Hungry for more.

Yearning, early wake up calls draw me near.

Less and less about me, more and more about Him.

Oh, how He loves me!! The power of His love is greater still than my heart can grasp, than my mind can handle or my emotions can even feel. The depth of His love is beyond my understanding and the height to which He would go to secure my heart challenges how my mind perceives love.

Awakening early, hearing the gentle whisper of His Spirit.


“Come away with Me!”

Wooing my heart into time with Him, alone.

Uninterrupted, intentional and intimate.

Be Still and Know – be still and know the power of His love. Be still and know the depth of His passion. Be still and know the fullness of His great grace. Be still and know His prevailing peace and hope.

Be still and know, intimately know, Him!

Today, I am found.

Found in HIM!