My blood pressure spiked and my iron had dropped to critical lows. All my plans to have a beautiful home birth were quickly being dashed away as it became perilous that I deliver her under the watchful eye of the doctor and hospital staff. With prayers and petitions for a safe delivery and no unforeseen emergencies, we agreed to deliver Ana at the hospital. I have a history of short and easy deliveries, I was hopeful but I was starting with no signs that Ana was even ready to be born.

13 hours into labor and my blood pressure reading 220s/100s we knew something had to be done. Ana was showing signs of distress and my body could not seem to be able to handle the stress any longer. Financially we were taking a big hit without medical insurance and we knew adding anything else to our hospital bill was going to take a toll on our already stretched finances. My midwife came and suggested strongly for me to get the epidural (not that I minded, anything to relieve the pain!) Darrell paced the hospital floor praying, petitioning and listening to the still small voice of the Lord and asking Him what needed to be done. The Lord gently whispered that He was about to use the epidural to save me and Ana. Within minutes after the medicine hit my system my blood pressure dropped to somewhat normal numbers and Ana began to move down the birth canal. She was ready to deliver before the hour was over.

The time to push had arrived and the doctor was monitoring her entrance into the world. Telling me to stop pushing and to wait for her to adjust her position, Darrell said something that made me laugh. “Perfect!” I heard the doctor exclaim, “Do that again.” No more pushing, no more striving, just laughter! I literally laughed Ana Grace into this world. Within minutes, Darrell was cutting her umbilical cord and I was holding the promise of God in my arms. Words cannot even begin to describe what I, what we experienced in that moment. She was here, God was faithful and all was right with the world!

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

I have been reflecting on this verse since brining Ana home from the hospital. There was a day and a time when I thought our family was complete. There were moments when a glimpse of more would make its way into my thoughts but I would quickly dismiss it as nothing more than a mere thought. Then one day the Lord spoke. One day He gave to me His desire and then shaped and challenged me so that it would become my desire. He gives me the desires of my heart, He places it in me and then draws it up like a bucket drawing water up from a well, I ask Him for them and He in turn delights and rejoices with me as He answers them. I see His smile every time I take her in my arms. I heard His laughter as I labored to bring her into this world. I feel His love each time I look into her beautiful blue eyes.

I am holding a history maker in the making. I sit and marvel as life is birthed from prayer into the flesh. I embrace answered prayer humbled by the honor of receiving His tender mercies and unfailing love. In the moment of now, in the place called here!

Ana’s story is one of hope restored and promises fulfilled. She may be the answer to prayer, the fulfillment of a promise given and yet it is only the beginning!

“For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition which I asked of Him.” 1 Samuel 1:27

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