The 1st week of November Darrell persuaded me to take a pregnancy test.  The results were positive.  I was truly amazed and yet, I was fearful!!  I was numb, to say the least, my heart couldn’t get excited, not yet.  I was not willing let my heart feel until a sonogram had been done and a baby was seen in the womb.  God was definitely up to something, but so was the enemy.  He was not going to let go easily.  His big question always seems to be “What if…?”  What if this is just like last time? What if you are too old and you will miscarry?  The “what if…?” questions seem to go on and on.

At twelve weeks I once again began to spot. Was this going to be just like last time?  My midwife immediately got me in to have a sonogram so we could see what was going on. The night before the sonogram, I went back to the Word God had spoken to me from Psalm 139 in October and declared the promises of a child being knit together in my womb.  I took a stand of faith, but fear still tried to grip my heart. By faith, I placed my trust in an Aalmighty God and knew He was and always would be the one in control. Darrell came and prayed with me. Bethany and Bailey brought their faith in and prayed as well.  We were all in this together, no matter the end result.

The next morning Darrell and I made our way to the office and as he held my hand he asked if I was ready to see my baby, my reply was, “No, I am ready to see the heartbeat.”  I knew there was a baby, I was just fearful it was no longer alive.  As I lay on the exam table, she found the placenta, the sack and we saw the baby, it felt as if my heart stopped.  For those first few seconds a baby was there but no movement was seen.  Then there it was, a tiny heart, beating, and life was happening.  I immediately burst into tears and began to thank God for the sweet gift of life.   Darrell gave me sweet kisses and we rejoiced together that God was allowing us to once again bring another life to our family and to His.

A few weeks went by and I began to spot again.  I called my midwife, discussed scheduling an exam and then went to God in prayer, within an hour I knew He was asking me to trust Him and that He had it all under His control.  I called her back and declared that I knew everything was fine and I would see her at our regularly scheduled appointment the next week.  When we arrived we brought the kids so EVERYONE could hear the heartbeat.  We were not disappointed.  The night before our appointment, I felt the first flutters of life.  It was confirmed the next morning when we all got to hear the heart beat!!  Baby Jarrell was doing well, and at 15 weeks, I knew he/she was going to be fine.

With each of our children we had chosen to let God surprise us as to if we were having boys or girls, we decided this time we would like to know if this would be our Ana Grace or another sweet surprise from the Lord. Our midwife asked us to wait until week 23 so she could have some specific diagnostic testing done at the same time.  We agreed but could hardly wait for the big day to arrive.  We spent the weeks waiting trying to come up with a boy name we could all agree on.  We never could come up with one.

Week 23 arrived.  Much anticipation was in the air, we were beyond excited to see pictures of our baby, boy or girl.  The sonogram itself was about 7 minutes long, and baby Jarrell was being VERY MODEST (should have known it was a girl because of that alone!!)  We saw the profile, the legs, heart, head, etc.  We saw our sweet baby yawn, and that one thing brought us all to a place of realization that this baby would have her own personality and bring such a sweet gift of love, life and joy to our home.  We felt connected; it was real and no matter what now a very real part of our lives.  Noah must have asked 75 times if it was a boy or a girl.  But, little miss modest would not reveal herself to the rest of us.  Then there it was, and only the sonogram tech would know what to look for but Ana Grace was here.

For eight and a half years we have waited for her arrival.  My husband will be the first to tell you that he pounded on heaven’s door for this child.  Did doubt crouch at our door? Yes.  Did fear we had missed God tempt us to disbelieve? Yes.  Did our unfaithful hearts tempt us to give reason to our doubts? Yes.  But is God forever faithful?  Without a doubt YES!!!!   This journey has given me a clearer picture of the prophetic – God speaks but timing is ALWAYS up to HIM!! God declares the end from the beginning and God does not do a thing without first revealing it to his prophet (His people.) Some of His promises are embraced after we have fought the good fight and waged a prayerful assault to see it come to pass. Some are fought through physical battles and some are fought strictly from our knees.  But the promises of God are achieved by faith and patience.

Faith and patience were the two key components for what had been, but it was also necessary for what was to come…

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