To blog or not to blog, that is the question.  Why does actually sitting down and writing out what I have in my heart seem to challenge my resolve? Is it because I want it to say just the right thing, or I want my grammar to be just right? Maybe it is because I expect for each word written to be deeply moving and profound? Or because I am afraid when I put myself out there it will be rejected or ignored? The answer is yes to all of the above!!  Blogging is a wrestling match inside my heart that transposes through my fingertips as I sit down to write only to press the backspace button over and over, writing and re-writing the words on the page.  Should this be a dilemma?  Should I wrestle so with the words placed on digital paper?  I think the answer is yes, and no!

My blogging quandary begins when I know I have something very challenging and very inspiring to share. This occurs mainly when I suddenly feel it may be something too precious to lay out before my critics, of course myself being the greatest critic of all.  I want it to be well-written, well-developed, not half-baked bread.  I want my words to ring with the truth that resonates in my heart and brings freedom to my soul, but one that can help and equip others with the same.  Yet, what if when this truth that has set me free becomes an obstacle for another? What if my grammar becomes a stumbling block for those well-meaning grammarians out there? What if the examples from my own life become legalistic ‘dos and don’ts’ for others? The weight of the responsibility seems far too great a burden for me to carry. However, I know I have been commissioned by the Lord to unveil the inner-workings of my heart through the written word so that others can glean for themselves the nuggets God would have them take.

I should weigh each word; every word needs to be considered and evaluated based on the premise of instructing, encouraging and urging others on in the faith. I do not want to use words that tear down unless they are immediately backed with words to build up.  I want my words to be  seasoned with grace, mercy, love, laughter and life.  The answer to my question “Should I wrestle with the words placed on digital paper?” is yes; it is a weighty assignment that has been given to me.  I should evaluate and consider what is to be shared and how it is to be delivered.  It is a place of great responsibility and yet the world offers their opinion with great ease and little care.  Mine must be weighed in at the feet of Jesus; it is His opinion that matters most!

And yet, “Should I wrestle with the words placed on digital paper?” can also be answered no! There is a message to be shared, a truth to be  communicated and a lie to be exposed.  If I let the perfectionist in me rule, I will never get the words out that transform my life and have the potential to create a heart connection for others.  If I give in to the grammarian side of me thinking that every dot and tittle must be accounted for, I will stare at the blank page unable to write due to the splashes of red and blue across the page reminding me of a mistyped word or a forgotten comma.  (It is at this point that I do thank the Lord for allowing men to create the ever needful spell check!!)

Truth is truth, and the knowledge of the truth is what sets us free.  Truth is a Person and knowing the Person of Jesus Christ allows people to experience freedom in their souls.  It is this truth I want to communicate. However, I know how the enemy works, setting up snares for others to fall into, trapping them in the proper usage of the verb or the misunderstanding of personal example.  It is the little foxes that spoil the vine,  keeping us from receiving the truth of the matter for ourselves and setting us up with a perfectionists attitude.  But can I let that prevent me putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard? If I do, then I will be the one losing out, losing out on allowing God to use the blessings, gifts, and lessons of my heart to reach another soul on the quest for freedom?  So, today with great resolve I purpose to put finger to keyboard, pen to paper, (and maybe soon voice to iPad), so that the message of truth can be heard.  Not my truth, THE Truth, but with my experiences attached.

My goal in blogging is not one of perfection but to communicate the love of the Father to us, His children, I hope you will join me on this journey as we experience life, love, laughter and maybe even some tears together.