Marriage – two becoming one!  Walking in agreement, unity and being of the same mind.  Wow!! And to think that happens the day you say “I DO!”  Well, it does happen the day you say “I DO” and every day after as well.  Becoming one happens in a day AND over time as it is a process that takes years to dying to yourself and learning to live unto Jesus!

 Before Darrell & I married we sought wisdom from our marriage counselor and one thing stands out to me to this day was when she told us to drop our weapons – to not bring out our “big guns” against each other.  At the time I thought okay, easy enough – but the reality of marriage had not begun to take place, after all we were still engaged and in a state of bliss.  But after we said, “I DO” we quickly learned to what she was referring.

 Fight #1 was pretty easy to overcome, but as fight #2 and #3 and #15 began to stack up we began to pull out our weapons – things like, “you are just like your mom” or “you always…” or “you never…, or maybe even pulling out “the list” of past times the fight was about the same thing.  When we got to the “D” word, (divorce) we knew we had gone too far.  We quickly put our weapons down and thought about where we had come from, where our parents had ended up and what we wanted our future to look like.  I can tell you that from that day we have never used the “D” word again – we may have thought it but we did not speak it, soon it wasn’t even in our thoughts because it wasn’t an option. 

 When we dropped this weapon to hurt each other we soon began to drop our other weapons as well. I learned that the enemy I was fighting was not Darrell but a very real enemy was trying to destroy me, my children and my marriage and if he could get me fighting Darrell then he could take us all out.  Now the fight was on – no longer with my husband but now a very real fight fought on my knees and battled out in prayer – I soon learned that this place of prayer was a place of victory and I was not fighting a loosing battle but I was fighting a battle that Jesus had already won for me and I was taking my rightful place as His daughter, Darrell’s wife and the mother to my children. 

 Marriage brings on a season of life where the Father has determined for His purpose to be fulfilled and His plans on this earth to be accomplished He needs for two to become one, He needs unity, agreement and the desire to die to self and live for Him. From that place two can put ten thousand to flight, walk together in agreement, form a cord that is not quickly broken and help one get up when he has fallen.  The enemy wants nothing more than to stop you before you even get started, he wants to take you out and as many as he can take out with you.

 I write to you today and declare over you that “greater is He that is in you than he that is in this world.”  To declare His grace, peace, hope, provision & protection are yours and were paid for by Jesus death on the cross – His love for you is both overwhelming and sacrificial.  His grace toward you is a gift for you to both freely receive and to freely give. Today I commission you to not fight face to face but to fight back to back, wielding your swords while covering your spouse, knowing that your weapons of warfare are for the pulling down of strongholds and not for pulling down each other.  Today, go into the battle with arms linked, shields locked in place and swords drawn knowing that because of Resurrection Day you have the victory!