Strapped in and ready to fly! I am nestled safely against my husband, all straps are secure and we are hoisted up to the launch pad.  But when asked, “Who will pull the rip cord?” I declare, “He will!” There is one thing about a step of faith, another thing about being the one who launches you out.  The ride to the launch pad was intense and with a jerk we are securely in place, but there is no way to get down, it is free fall or nothing.  Once you begin the journey up you are committed.  No second thoughts or backing out now.

5, 4, 3, 2, Pull – Darrell pulls the cord and the screams come from deep within – louder and more intense with each passing second.  But then… we are in flight, seeing the people below, waving.  Feeling the rush of the wind on our faces and seeing the birds soaring beside us. Exhilaration overwhelms us, we are surrounded by air and silence has set in, listening to our heart beat and the sounds of laughter coming from below. We are now enjoying the ride!

Many faces look up at us as if we are crazy and out of our minds and in many ways we are, we just took a huge leap of faith, trusting in a bungee to keep us from hitting the ground, but more than that we have taken a spiritual step out of our comfort zone and are soaring in the arms of our God, realizing that few will take this leap and fewer still will experience the silence and peace that comes from resting while in the fall. Now don’t get me wrong, the scream at the beginning was as much a rush as the silence that ensued; both a powerful force in recognizing the sovereignty of God.  The scream reminded me of my humanity and there was no way I could stop or break the fall with out complete trust in the One who was holding me (the bungee in this case).  The silence settled on me as I trusted in the One who was holding me! WOW! To know that with the leap of faith came the opportunity for me to rest, not work, not strive, not make a way, just trust and enjoy the ride. 

Last time, I blogged about a step of faith that was moving me past my comfort zone – the blog was posted as I was putting on my harness, putting all my faith in the One who would hold me, turning to the Word and securing myself in His word to me and for me as I took that step of faith.  The rip cord was placed in my hand and my husband wasn’t around for this one,  I took a step out and pulled the cord – The scream ensued and peace and quiet has now followed.  And you know what? I am still resting in the air, waiting for my landing, trusting in the One who is holding me and in the results of my step of faith.  I have learned a lot about myself and my God in the process of this leap and if I had it to do all over again… you bet I would!